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Keep the Momentum Going!

This year has been filled with accelerated growth. We’ve made investments and changes in the way we work in order to achieve more and made significant strides toward our 2020 vision. As we move into 2019, we will be looking for ways to sustain that growth – to keep the momentum going.

That’s why for the second year in a row, Red River will combine its National Sales Conference, Company Meeting and Partner Summit into one event, so that we can all build on our success together.

This will be an opportunity to hear about the latest Red River accomplishments, what’s in store for the years ahead and the opportunities for each of you. And we’re going to Puerto Rico to contribute in real and lasting ways on the still-recovering island, both with our dollars and our service.

This promises to be an amazing week of information, motivation and philanthropy.


This year, Momentum will have a staggered arrival to make the most of everyone’s time. Our event will kick off Sunday night with our National Sales Conference, which will carry into Monday while the rest of the company makes its way to the island.

Once we’re all together, we’ll have an all-company welcome reception on Monday night before diving into the company meeting portion of Momentum on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday, we’ll dive into division-specific tracks, as well host our Partner Summit. Finally, Thursday we’ll end our time in Puerto Rico as we always do: with our Community Service Project.

Each night, plan on fun and interesting events – there’s never a dull moment at Momentum.


With all the events we have planned throughout Momentum, how will you know where to go?

Don’t worry, our conference app will keep you up-to-date on all Momentum news. The app will display your custom schedule, so you know exactly where to be during your time at Momentum. It will also give you access to the detailed agenda, partner information, social networking and more!

Download details will be sent out to all attendees prior to Momentum.

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