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San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico and a long-running top tourist destination in the Caribbean. Last year, it experienced a devastating one-two punch from Hurricanes Irma and Maria, crumbling bridges, toppling street signs, flooding buildings, demolishing homes and leaving the island without power.

The island is showing signs of recovery, but the economy is still struggling as its main industry – tourism – remains down.

So, Red River is going to do our part to contribute to Puerto Rico’s full recovery the best way we know how – bring 400+ people to the island to stay in its hotels, eat its food and buy from local businesses.

Things To Do & See

Explore Old San Juan:

Old San Juan is the colorful, colonial section of the island that was originally settled by the Spanish – and only 15 minutes from our Momentum hotels. Walk down the cobblestone streets and explore the pastel buildings of this 500-year-old port city.


Puerto Ricans refer to the island as the ‘Dining Capital of the Caribbean.’ Try authentic dishes like mofongo (mashed plantain), arroz con dulche (sweet sticky rice) and arroz con gandules y lechón (rice with pigeon peas and pork). Cuisine here is a delicious, unique blend of Tahino, Spanish and American influences.

Step back in time:

Old San Juan is the oldest city in the Western hemisphere, claimed by the Spanish who constructed massive walls and built forts to protect their territory. The Castillo San Cristóbal fort was the largest fortress built by the Spanish in the New World, with more than 6 stories across 27 acres.

Explore the island culture:

Puerto Rico has a vibrant art scene, with galleries all over the island and especially in Old San Juan. Whether you like contemporary fine art, modern art or local Caribbean influenced artwork, you’ll find something you enjoy at the city’s many outdoor galleries.

Drink like a local:

San Juan is home to Bacardi’s largest rum factory in the world, where up to 100,000 bottles of rum can be bottled per day. Tour the factory and taste one one of the island’s special rum cocktails. Prefer your drinks hot? Puerto Rico has a thriving coffee crop, with a distinctive rich favor. Order a café con leche, just like a local!

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